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Preconception Check Up Singapore: Give Your Baby The Best Start

Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions that anyone can make. It is a start of a new chapter, a chapter of a lifetime. In this time and age, there are a lot of preparatory activities that can be done in order to ensure that you have as much preparation as possible before raising a child. Singapore is a great place for those who are at the preparation stage of raising a family. Quality preconception check up Singapore caters to different needs and boasts state of the art technologies.


Why do I need a Preconception Check-Up?

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Some would say that it is easy to get pregnant, some would also say that it is not. In reality, it depends on the individual, and sometimes, it is really just about luck. However, everyone aims to have a pregnancy that is not complicated, smooth sailing as they say. Preconception check-up is the way to prepare the womb, and the person itself carrying the baby. It is also a way of testing the couple’s level preparedness as they undergo a series of tests.


Who Should go for a Preconception Check-Up?

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The older the woman gets, the more it is crucial for them to avail of a preconception checkup. They are the ones who are very fragile when it comes to pregnancy. They are more prone to external factors, which can also translate to the health of the baby. In general, anyone engaging in physical intimacy should consider going for a preconception checkup, to ensure that they are healthy in the event of becoming pregnant.


Where to Find a Preconception Clinic

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The technological advancement of Singapore allows preconception checkup Singapore to be one of the most accurate. There are a lot of clinics available in the different corners of the city. It depends on your budget, and on what you want to test for in the check-up.


Health benefits of a Preconception Check Up

One thing that a preconception check up can determine is the possible genetic diseases that can be passed from mother to child. Also, such checkups is a way of identifying if the individual is exposed to any toxins and teratogens; external factors that can influence how the baby develops. Also, it can assess as to whether the mother is using drugs or alcohol, which are also harmful to the baby. Lastly, psychosocial concerns can also be a determining factor for this.


How happens in a Preconception Check up?


During preconception check-up, an individual is given vaccinations. Also, there is a physical exam, which is the basis for all tests. The mother will also undergo a pelvic exam, pap test, and blood test. These tests will highlight the condition of the woman’s blood cells and reproductive system in general. Lastly, the parents are requested to go to a genetic counsellor.


Wanting what’s best for your child is a natural part of parenthood. You may end up running up some costs for all the tests mentioned above, but it is more than worth it for peace of mind and the chance to give both yourself and your child the best outcome. At the end of the day, starting a family is a lifelong commitment, and it won’t hurt making sure that everything is at its perfect place before going into that commitment.

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