5 Things You Should Know About CoolSculpting

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Looking and feeling good is very important, especially living in the busy metropolis of Singapore. Do you find it difficult to remove those last few ounces of fat? Even if you exercise regularly, eat healthily and have enough sleep, there are always stubborn parts of your body that have fat that seems impossible to get rid of.

Image result for With the problem of stubborn fat, there are lots of surgical procedures such as liposuction to remove the fat and tighten your body.With the problem of stubborn fat, there are lots of surgical procedures such as liposuction to remove the fat and tighten your body. While invasive surgeries like liposuction have been proven effective since the 1980s and have immediate results, there are cons to having invasive procedures such as swelling and downtime after the surgery.

For those who are seeking something safer and non-invasive, there’s ZELTIQ CoolSculpting Technology in Singapore. CoolSculpting is a fat-freeze treatment, which is non-surgical, and uses managed and controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Cool sculpting in Singapore is available in numerous licensed treatment centers. CoolSculpting targets specific body parts that include the abdomen, double chins, love handles, thighs among others. While this procedure sounds like a dream, there are details about it that potential patients may be concerned about. We’ve come to answer your questions about CoolSculpting and to open your mind to this new and non-invasive fat loss procedure.

1. Is CoolSculpting Safe?

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ZELTIQ Aesthetics, the company that created CoolSculpting, assures safety for all patients. Procedures are safe because the technology used delivers precise and controlled cooling to gently and effectively target buried fat cells while the outer layer of the skin is unaffected. Medical technicians who administer the procedure have all undergone in-depth training and are certified to supervise the procedures. Lastly, all devices used have built-in safety measures, one of which detects if the skin is getting too cold and will shut down automatically.

2. How does CoolSculpting work?

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CoolSculpting Technology uses controlled cooling to target and kills fat cells. After a few weeks, the targeted fat cells are naturally eliminated. The results are long term because the fat cells are eliminated permanently.

3. What are the preparations needed before CoolSculpting?

Initially, you’ll have to schedule a consultation with a licensed procedure. You’ll discuss your goals, the body parts you’d like to target and where to eliminate fat and then how to go about it. The professional will also check if you’re the right candidate for the procedure to ensure that your goals are in line with the effects of CoolSculpting. If all is good, you only need to drink a lot of water and assure to eat a hearty meal on the day of the procedure.

4. Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is not painful but it can be chilly and feel very cold for some. For the first 5 to 10 minutes, the controlled cold can be uncomfortable for some but subsides once the area is numb. The second part of the procedure involves drawing the fatty tissues into an applicator cup using a vacuum. This part involves a slight feeling of pushing, pulling and pinching of the skin. Although not painful, it can be a little uncomfortable.

5. Are there any post-procedure precautions?

Because of the pulling, tugging and intense cold, some side effects include cramping, aching, bruising, and tenderness in the targeted area; however, these generally resolve in a few days or up to a week. Aside from these, there’s no downtime and you can immediately go about your day to day life or even back to work right after the procedure.

If you’re seeking a non-invasive surgery to remove stubborn fat and get ready for a beach vacation, ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is a welcome procedure. Read through the answers to some key questions you may have about the procedure and set an appointment with a licensed professional.

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